We specialise in the recruitment of nursery staff to chains of nurseries, independents, and local authority nurseries.

Our network of childcare and nursery across the UK means you get a local nursery staff recruitment service, with local experience.

Safety is paramount, so we guarantee that all JMAC childcares undergo personal interviewing, and rigorous screening.

Whether you need dependable nursery supply staff in an emergency, or the best permanent staff, your local JMAC can help.

JMAC has the largest selection of nursery jobs in the UK. Our permanent and temporary nursery jobs range from Nursery Nurses to Managers and Area Managers.

Nanny Screening Services

We know finding a nanny can be daunting. There's the list of duties, defining the right personality - advertising and searching - and then sifting through nanny applications to ensure your shortlist for interview reflects your needs. And then the final selection!

When you've finally found the ideal nanny, before you extend an offer of employment to your nanny, you need to get references, and nanny safety checks are essential. All this before you even thinks about the legal side of things and your responsibilities as an employer... Phew.

Reduce some of the time and stress when employing a nanny

We can assist with any aspect of hiring a nanny that concerns you - or if you just want the hassle factor taken away. Buy any service individually or in combination.

Maternity Nannies & Nurses

Dedicated maternity service that helps families to find the right maternity nanny or maternity nurse for their newborn baby

Our maternity nannies offer help with routines, sleeping and feeding, and can provide essential advice on how to care for your new baby.

     •     Maternity Nanny

     •     Multiple Birth Nanny

     •     Night Nanny

     •     Lactation Consultant

     •     Maternity Nurse

     •     Doula

     •     Sleep Consultant

     •     Maternity Nanny Jobs

JMAC Maternity is a dedicated maternity nanny agency covering the whole of the UK. We're here to help whether you need maternity nurses for 2 weeks, doulas for a month, longer-term maternity nannies, or even night nannies so you can catch up on some sleep!


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